Smart Home – YeeLight

My first foray into the smart home technology is a YeeLight (smartbulb) from Xiaomi’s sub-division known as Mijia. It’s one of the lowest priced smart bulb in the market at HKD 129 with 1 year warranty.

Decided to pick up one directly from MiHome in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. All the current ones from Belkin, Philips, TP-link, Linksys are well above or just slightly below HKD 200. Even the home brew types are well above the price of the Mijia’s (MiHome) lightbulb.

It comes in a nice little white box packaging.
At 600 lumens, 9W – it’s pretty well spec at that price and uses a standard E27 connector. Un-boxing the package you will see that the bulb comes wrapped neatly with a little plastic protector. The bulb feels solid and doesn’t feel like some cheap material.

Setting up the device is pretty easy – install the MiHome App on your Android or IOS device. Then you will need to connect to your home wifi and it will be able to detect your YeeLight. You will then be able to see the device on your app after that. The controls for the bulbs are clear cut. Can change to either “white/yellow” lights, “color” which allows you to select any specific colors and “flow” – alternating colors with timer.

YeeLight also plays well with either smart home controllers using IFTTT.







Short video below on how it looks with flow enabled.
Couple that with some techno music and my psychadelic room is lit!

Next up is to couple this with a smart controller.
Should I get the Alexa or Google Home next?