The Packing Misfit

I am typing this as a sit in my temporary accommodation away from home. Keeping this short – hopefully.
Recollecting some reminders even from the past few weeks packing and flying over

If you’ve packed to move to a new place before you know how much clutter we can collect over time. I have figured the correlation between clutter and distance. The further we go – the more clutter we need to remove. Less clutter helps with the flying and the moving. Guess removing clutter as we go along the way helps rather than only de-cluttering when we need to move to the next level. Remove those unhealthy fats of your minds and your hearts to go far.

While de-cluttering items there is a strong tendency to want to keep items and revisit them at a later time. Every piece evokes a strong emotion or a tie to a past event. It definitely helped to have friends around to destroy and trashed some of these items without thought. Bring the memories not the mementos. It’s important to give yourself space to experience and receive new things. It’s OK to have extra help in our lives – don’t be afraid to take solid advice and DESTROY!

There were a bunch of items that I could neither destroy and to keep them meant that I would have to store. Most of these were books which I find valuable. The best way to go about this is to deliver them as a gift.What you find adds value to you could add value to another. Why not share it? I had to deliver a lot, a lot, a lot of gifts away. In our journey we need to always remember to share – hence through these lessons I hope to be able to share bits of pieces of my personal beliefs.

It was hard to buy tickets to fly even as the time comes – as I bought my tickets I realized that I was docked. Geared, engines started and ready to go. There was no cancelling a docked planes – the farewells have been said and the prayers shared. You will never feel ready and we should not go by feelings. Once a decision has been made – go for it! A big part of our journey requires us to dock in and fly.

Till the next post