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Chapter One : One

Kids are allowed to wander or wonder for the fact. They are allowed to run around. That sense of freedom, the reality of it all hits you even when you are a kid. It almost felt like there were no restrictions. Almost I say until you realize that there are locked doors and jailors-‘adults’ who look  out for us so it seems. Making sure that we don’t get into any trouble. That kills that sense of freedom the very moment it is felt.

I was once a kid. Loving the morning air, the breath of a new day, the rays beckoning you to wake up and bask in the day. What beats a good day but a great morning. There is nothing comparable to it. The feeling that fills you as awake to a wonderful day. Nope, that’s all lie… Which kid in his right mind would love the morning. Being a 4 1/2 year old kid, all I wanted was my sleep.. My wonderful glorious superb sleep.. Nothing could beat that out of me.

I would wake up anytime I want. Did anything I want at the whim and fancy of good old me. You would be lying to yourself to say you did not enjoy a good sleep. One that was free of disturbances, free of bother.. Free of mummy screaming at the top of her lung or dad with his I’m going to kick you out of bed now whether you like it or not. I’ve come to believe that the only reason why they wanted us kids out of bed was because they had to themselves. If I can’t sleep in, you can’t too. No siree, no way you’re getting more sleep than me cause I work 12 hours a day. I put food on the table. I get up way earlier than all of you. I bring money back. I put clothes on you. I make you shower. I make you breakfast.. So no, now you gotta wake up when I wake up, when I say so.

There’s a lot of I in this chapter because that’s how it all begans most times. It is I, that kid who grew up to be that kid with those kids. In the beginning there was one, me. It felt like I was all alone. Me and the big world. A world filled with four walls and a wierd hole in the wall that opens up and closes up. Only the big people could open that wierd hole, never could figure it out. What little me, go out there. You must be out of your mind.

I remember that very day. Kindergarten or kindygarden or kindergarden…. Could never quite figure that out. Now back to what we started off with. I remember that very day. Woke up early, ya go figure why. Was all dressed up by my beloved mother. Ol’ good mother, that love and wants all good things for you. How she loves you to bits. Getting me all primped and proper, so it seems to the big people. There was a certain pattern to proper-ness or how we should look good. How we look, how we dressed that made sense to them but never to me. It never did make much sense to me.

Picture this just for a minute with me. I was about 2ft tall, pretty tall for kids my time. Just the right kind of height that will get you places… Hair black, with the right side parting all the way to the left. Now your hair has got to be wet, a certain kind of wetness to give you that ultimate sleek look. Now that my hair is in place all straight, we musn’t forget the hair gel. Swab a dab, the whole thing on my hair. Why be generous with it, don’t hold back. It wouldn’t be right. That cuts it just there. That brings a certain edge to the hair or rather keeps it on the edge. That whole ordeal just took 30 minutes of my life which I could have been using to plot how I could make my millions.. Maybe that’s why I’m missing out on my million dollar deals. Those hair pimping sessions. Dang it! Getting a little off track here.. Back to the story. As I was saying, hair. Yes, swanky hair-do. Awesome. Next was the fitting. Getting the right fit, wearing the tux that fits. I had a nice tux I have to say. Looking back at my picture. That tux look pretty fine I must say. There I go, off track again. Once I got it all fitting right where it should be to the all seeing big people. I was ready to take off. Now what was missing…. ahh… shoes. Those black sparkly shoes that shine. I had none of those tho. No no… All I had was canvas shoes, those fancy shoes that had cartoon characters on them. That was what I had. After all the effort, that just had to come in and fit right in. It wouldn’t be right without those. Now I was ready to go, ready to take off.. Ready to take on the world.

Look out ! Here comes Joe, to knock you off your shoes.

Ahh.. the days were fun and many. I do miss those days. Things seemed much simpler. Where did it go?