Releasing into the wild

Thus begans another journey, beckons another tale of adventure

My first car purchase in Kuala Lumpur. Now looking for another owner
You have served me well, I know you will serve your new owner well.

Your gears have been oiled and your parts replaced
Your paint shines and glistens in the sunlight
In the moonlight you reflect the mysteries of the world
In the dark you hide stories in your boot

The miles you’ve traveled
Keeps a sketch of the lows and highs of Klang Valley
Food has been your destination, a gastronomical feat indeed
A living epistle of musical delight – vroom, vroom…

goodbye black beauty

The lives you’ve reached
The noisy students that broke your back
The countless strangers whom you’ve tried to strangle
Those lives will live on indeed

Looking for a second hand ride – look no further