Smart Home – YeeLight

My first foray into the smart home technology is a YeeLight (smartbulb) from Xiaomi’s sub-division known as Mijia. It’s one of the lowest priced smart bulb in the market at HKD 129 with 1 year warranty.

Decided to pick up one directly from MiHome in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. All the current ones from Belkin, Philips, TP-link, Linksys are well above or just slightly below HKD 200. Even the home brew types are well above the price of the Mijia’s (MiHome) lightbulb.

It comes in a nice little white box packaging.
At 600 lumens, 9W – it’s pretty well spec at that price and uses a standard E27 connector. Un-boxing the package you will see that the bulb comes wrapped neatly with a little plastic protector. The bulb feels solid and doesn’t feel like some cheap material.

Setting up the device is pretty easy – install the MiHome App on your Android or IOS device. Then you will need to connect to your home wifi and it will be able to detect your YeeLight. You will then be able to see the device on your app after that. The controls for the bulbs are clear cut. Can change to either “white/yellow” lights, “color” which allows you to select any specific colors and “flow” – alternating colors with timer.

YeeLight also plays well with either smart home controllers using IFTTT.







Short video below on how it looks with flow enabled.
Couple that with some techno music and my psychadelic room is lit!

Next up is to couple this with a smart controller.
Should I get the Alexa or Google Home next?

The Packing Misfit

I am typing this as a sit in my temporary accommodation away from home. Keeping this short – hopefully.
Recollecting some reminders even from the past few weeks packing and flying over

If you’ve packed to move to a new place before you know how much clutter we can collect over time. I have figured the correlation between clutter and distance. The further we go – the more clutter we need to remove. Less clutter helps with the flying and the moving. Guess removing clutter as we go along the way helps rather than only de-cluttering when we need to move to the next level. Remove those unhealthy fats of your minds and your hearts to go far.

While de-cluttering items there is a strong tendency to want to keep items and revisit them at a later time. Every piece evokes a strong emotion or a tie to a past event. It definitely helped to have friends around to destroy and trashed some of these items without thought. Bring the memories not the mementos. It’s important to give yourself space to experience and receive new things. It’s OK to have extra help in our lives – don’t be afraid to take solid advice and DESTROY!

There were a bunch of items that I could neither destroy and to keep them meant that I would have to store. Most of these were books which I find valuable. The best way to go about this is to deliver them as a gift.What you find adds value to you could add value to another. Why not share it? I had to deliver a lot, a lot, a lot of gifts away. In our journey we need to always remember to share – hence through these lessons I hope to be able to share bits of pieces of my personal beliefs.

It was hard to buy tickets to fly even as the time comes – as I bought my tickets I realized that I was docked. Geared, engines started and ready to go. There was no cancelling a docked planes – the farewells have been said and the prayers shared. You will never feel ready and we should not go by feelings. Once a decision has been made – go for it! A big part of our journey requires us to dock in and fly.

Till the next post

Onward to infinity and beyond

 So I’ve sold my black beauty – whats next?



This marks my new journey ahead filled with lots of excitement and mixed feelings.

I am officially uprooting and moving to a new place as of this month (June 2017). I’m moving to a place that I’ve never thought about moving to before and that place is Hong Kong.

It’s a testament of God’s plans and goodness in my life as I continuously entrust to Him my future, plans and purposes. I do not yet know what lies ahead beyond a new career but i do know that jumping across the ravines of uncertainty to arrive at the next level requires an attempt. Taking great strides to just do it! Cause life is much more awesome that way.

Onwards to a new journey ahead

Even before I depart – I’ve learned a few key lessons shared below.

  1. Positioning – like a gps positioning device which could be use to find people or your current location. You need to be prepared to give a response when you are called or pinged upon especially when you pray. Be positioned in the right authority / place and be constantly open to new possibilities. I constantly prepped and bettered my self at my tools of trade. On top of taking new responsibilities and challenges in the workplace even though its not on my KPI.
  2. Patience – you might for the lack of better word, “hate” what you do. There will be tasks that you like and don’t like. Do it well, do it with foresight. Patience is the key to the right roles. There is always something new to learn wherever you are at. I could have jumped earlier and missed the boat or the ship for that matter.
  3. Personal development – this is the sweet sauce that goes on top of whatever we do. We must set aside time to read, apply, repeat. IF you are too engrossed or too attached emotionally to your tasks, you will be a tasks slave. In order to be on top of things – I had to spend extra time to read, study and then apply what I learn into my every day tasks. Only you can prioritize your own development – no one else will do that for you. Else status quo it is.
  4. Perspective – having the right perspective in your current situation will excite the balls out of you. Our time on earth is limited – don’t sweat over the un-happy things at work or in life too long. Switch your frame, probably is time to pick up something new or make someone’s day better. Things weren’t all awesome in my 4 years – but I looked for enough sweet stuff to keep me running on with joy.
  5. People – this is my favourite of them all. Surround yourselves with the right people. People with foresight – most importantly, people who know how to have fun. Life’s a drag if it’s all a ball of task lines to complete. Our work will not attend our funeral when we pass on. I have met the most awesome people in my office, out of my office, in church and out of church. Learn to add value and also learn from the people around you. Go out for meals, buy someone a meal – build experiences together not expectations of one another.

This is my 2nd time to actually go to Hong Kong, the 1st for a vacation and now for a new career. On top of all that “Number 5” is the one that makes it all so difficult. Going to be missing my future wife for a few months till our wedding date and then she will move over. I am also going to miss everyone in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu terribly. It hasn’t all sink in yet but it is slowly.

Hope to write more as I run on this journey ahead.

Releasing into the wild

Thus begans another journey, beckons another tale of adventure

My first car purchase in Kuala Lumpur. Now looking for another owner
You have served me well, I know you will serve your new owner well.

Your gears have been oiled and your parts replaced
Your paint shines and glistens in the sunlight
In the moonlight you reflect the mysteries of the world
In the dark you hide stories in your boot

The miles you’ve traveled
Keeps a sketch of the lows and highs of Klang Valley
Food has been your destination, a gastronomical feat indeed
A living epistle of musical delight – vroom, vroom…

goodbye black beauty

The lives you’ve reached
The noisy students that broke your back
The countless strangers whom you’ve tried to strangle
Those lives will live on indeed

Looking for a second hand ride – look no further