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YeeLight 0

Smart Home – YeeLight

My first foray into the smart home technology is a YeeLight (smartbulb) from Xiaomi’s sub-division known as Mijia. It’s one of the lowest priced smart bulb in the market at HKD 129 with 1...


Onward to infinity and beyond

┬áSo I’ve sold my black beauty – whats next?     This marks my new journey ahead filled with lots of excitement and mixed feelings. I am officially uprooting and moving to a new...


Releasing into the wild

Thus begans another journey, beckons another tale of adventure My first car purchase in Kuala Lumpur. Now looking for another owner You have served me well, I know you will serve your new owner...

10 Tips to Protect Your Privacy 0

10 Tips to Protect Your Privacy

These simple top 10 things you could do to protect your privacy from Forbes list is incredibly helpful and simple.